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Rookie Blue

Post  Bastiaan on Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:17 pm

It's a new cop show starring Missy Peregrym (from Reaper, Heroes and Stick It) and Gregory Smith (from Everwood). It premiers tonight on ABC. It's not a cop show like all the others out there, it's much more character driven and contains a bit more humor. They are rookies after all, so expect them to make mistakes. Apparently they also keep in mistakes that the actors make, such as needing 5 tries to holster their weapon (Missy).

I think it sounds very interesting. Of course I'm a Missy fan, so that helps :P. If it really is different from the all the other procedural cop shows, it could be a good show. Plus it's got the talented and always gorgeous Missy in it.
I hope it'll get off to a good start, but according to Gregory, the first 2-3 eps are good, but the show really takes off after that.

Check out the ABC site and Globaltv (below). Both have promo vids, but they may not all be available in your country (especially the Globaltv ones often aren't viewable for me).


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